Sunday, August 30, 2015

This Can Happen To

After all the scandals in 2014
GMHC Business Is As Usual In 2015
more scandals.......
our resend discovery shows that
GMHC Employee Krishna Stone's job is to discredit respectable members from the community
who are willing to speak the truth about the 
Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC). 

Krishna Stone is getting paid by the GMHC agency 
to do their dirty work and is wasting valuable AIDS money 
to cover up their association with members from the community 
who made many contributions to the agency.

This is just another example on how much money this agency is wasting 
when the new infection rate in the Black Gay Community is at 44%.

GMHC spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually 
on the Latex Project Arts Programs or should we call it 
Club 1319 or should we call it Clubhouse. GMHC is like a chameleon, because it has to change the name of their art programs every time they are exposed of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on them, its hard to keep up, including:
Latex Ball
Voguing Classes
Ki Ki Balls
Make Up Classes
Art Classes
Movie Nights

 GMHC is cutting food services for their clients says COO Janet Weinberg,
but they have money to pay for artistic programs and community scandal.

CEO Kelsey Louie
COO Janet Weinberg
Krishna Stone

It is no wonder that the community lost faith in the GMHC agency, even after firing former CEO Marjorie Hill, Dirk McCall and the resigning of COO Janet Weinberg and the chair Rolfe. Changing the names and the faces doesn't change the policies.

GMHC Business As Usual.
The Dirty Work by Krishna Stone.

Krishna Stone's Dirty Work
she deleted my contributions for GMHC.

 Krishna Stone's Dirty Work
she deleted my contributions for GMHC.

For more information about the GMHC abuse of power and scandals please click on the links: 


Abuse of Power

Artistic Programs

Cutting Food Services for Voguing Dance Classes

The best the community can do is move all the GMHC clients to other AIDS agencies such as Housing Works and Harlem United.

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